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Use Cake Boss Countertop Accessories when baking and decorating luscious tiered cakes for wedding showers, birthday parties or anniversaries. Convenient cookbook stands are great Cake Boss products that help keep cookbooks and digital kitchen literature out of the way while making it easy to follow a favorite family recipe. A durable melamine prep bowl set is ideal for holding measured ingredients until it's time to mix, fold or beat them into a batter. Use silicone baking mats to keep the mess of flour or confectioners sugar in one easy to clean place while rolling dough or a fondant.

Cake Boss Countertop Accessories are high quality food prep supplies that make it easy to turn any kitchen into a home bakery. Cookbook stands and our other kitchen accessories make great gifts for favorite novice or experienced bakers.

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Add Cake Boss Countertop Accessories to any kitchenware collection to have just the right baking tools at hand while baking for any occasion.

Cake Boss Countertop Accessories provide the tools needed to make it fun to bake mouthwatering sweet apple pies or luscious red velvet cakes. Use our cookbook stands for Cake Boss products that hold favorite print or digital kitchen literature for added ease when following recipes or decorating guides when preparing delicious banana cream pies or luscious cakes for special occasions. Reach for a prep bowl set to have pre-measured flour, sugar, chocolate chips and other ingredients ready to add when making favorite baked treats. Silicone baking mats take the guesswork out of rolling out just the right sized pastry or pie dough.

Cake Boss Countertop Accessories add a fun and lively touch to any kitchen. Cookbook stands are great Cake Boss products that look great on the countertop even when not in use. A colorful prep bowl set with icing patterns on the outside and bright colors on the inside help turn any kitchen into a cheerful-looking home bakery. Our silicone baking mats feature helpful guides and measurement equivalent charts for easy reference when baking for family, friends and special parties.
Products 1 - 4 of 4