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Novelty cake pans, like our Cake Boss professional bakeware pans, make it easy to create luscious cakes to put a tasty end to any dinner party. Use Cake Boss Novelty Bakeware, like our pie pans or a springform pan set, to make every guest feel special with an individual dessert baked and decorated just for them. Reach for mini cake pans and pie pans made from heavy-duty carbon steel that promotes excellent heat conduction that is essential to good baking. Shaped cookie pans, like our heart shaped cookie pans, are ideal for making luscious sweet treats for a special Valentine or to add a heartfelt touch of rich chocolatey desserts to an anniversary party or bridal shower.

Our novelty cake pans, cookie pans and whoopie pie pans make it fun to bake special treats for parties and celebrations. Cake Boss Novelty Bakeware non stick pans are designed to release foods with ease and make cleanup quick and simple.

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Cake Boss novelty cake pans make fun and wonderful gifts for friends and family who enjoy the art of baking luscious treats for friends and family.

Novelty cake pans from Cake Boss make it fun to create delicious and eye-catching individual red velvet, marble or carrot cakes for special celebrations. Use Cake Boss Novelty Bakeware pie pans to bake sweet, personal-sized chocolate fudge, apple or lemon meringue pies to make everyone at the table feel special. Mini cake pans that feature three graduated tiers make it easy to bake individual flower-shaped or round cakes that can be decorated for a baby shower, a special dinner party or a any special celebration. Shaped cookie pans are ideal for baking eye-catching shortbread, tarelle or butter cookies in fun shapes.

Durable novelty cake pans from Cake Boss are designed to deliver long-lasting use. Cake Boss Novelty Bakeware pie pans, heart shaped cookie pans and whoopie pie pans feature wide handles to make it easy to pull pans filled with sweet treats from hot ovens. Our mini cake pans are non stick pans that release baked treats with ease to provide a great presentation of individual-sized cakes. Reach for shaped cookie pans when baking eye-catching and delicious cookies that will take center stage on any dessert table or at any bake sale.
Products 1 - 14 of 14