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Use Cake Boss muffin pans to create crowd-pleasing treats for bake sales, celebrations and family gatherings - from towering vanilla bean cupcakes to individual brownie bites. Cake Boss bakeware with superior nonstick helps muffins and cupcakes release from their pans with ease, making baking easier and more enjoyable. Our muffin tins are constructed of durable carbon steel with rolled edges that resist warping. Muffin pans with lids feature a snap-on cover that keeps treats fresh while transporting them to the final destination.

With Cake Boss muffin pans, bake some tender blueberry muffins, red velvet cupcakes or a batch of sticky pecan buns. Cake Boss bakeware is designed to inspire home bakers of every ability to show their love through sweet and delicious home cooking.

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Cake Boss muffin pans, available in several sizes, are the ideal tool for getting in on today's decadent cupcake craze.

Cake Boss muffin pans come in traditional 12 cup configurations, 24 cup muffin pans and convenient muffin pans with lids. With Cake Boss bakeware, let the imagination run wild and rest assured that the right pan for the job is always on hand, whether the menu calls for bite-size cheesecakes or banana nut muffins. Mini muffin tins are ideal for creating smaller versions of favorite muffins and cupcakes - or use them to create one-bite lemon tarts and brownies. Muffin pans with lids will help seal in freshness and provide some protection during transport.

Muffin pans have hundreds of uses in today's creative kitchen, from baking individual cherry pies to spicy cornbread muffins. Cake Boss bakeware is designed to handle the rigors of a busy household, featuring carbon steel construction, nonstick surfaces and rolled edges that resist warping. Use our muffin tins to transform favorite recipes into bite-size servings - especially at picnics and large kid-friendly gatherings where hand-held treats are a must. Choose from muffin pans with lids, commercial quality pans, 24 cup mini muffin pans and more.
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