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Professional quality food prep tools from Cake Boss are designed for easy and long-lasting use. Cake Boss prep accessories like our 5 piece kitchen tools sets include the essential spoons, spatulas and serving pieces needed to bake and serve favorite sweet treats. Our baking tools and utensils include bright and cheerful prep bowl sets that feature spouts and handles to make it easier to pour velvety cupcake or muffin batters into pans. Use cookie scoops to move cookie dough onto baking sheets from our prep bowls that feature rubberized bases to help them stay put on the countertop while mixing or dishing the dough.

Select Cake Boss food prep tools like our measuring cups and spoons, prep bowl sets and cookie scoops that are conveniently dishwasher safe to make post-baking cleanup a breeze. Cake Boss prep accessories add a festive retro look to any professionally-stocked home bakery.

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Cake Boss food prep tools make wonderful gifts for anyone who would like to bake like the Boss!

Food prep tools from Cake Boss make it fun and easy to bake luscious marble and red velvet cakes or chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. Cake Boss Prep Accessories deliver high quality measuring cups and spoons and other kitchen tool sets to fully equip any home bakery with all the best baking accessories. Our baking tools and utensils, like our mixing bowls and prep bowl sets, add a bright retro look to any kitchen. Use cookie scoops in kitchen tool sets that include two different sizes of scoops to dish up just the right amount of dough so cookies have a uniform shape and size, just like they were baked by the Boss!

Cake Boss food prep tools, like our 5 piece kitchen tool sets that include slotted and solid spoons, slotted turners, brownie spatulas and cake servers, equip the kitchen with the essential baking accessories needed to bake like a pro. These Cake Boss Prep Accessories feature durable stainless steel heads and rubberized handles for a comfortable and confident grip. Choose our baking tools and utensils, like our chef's torch that comes with it's own stand and our measuring cups and spoons, to turn any kitchen into a well-stocked home bakery. Use cookie scoops with mechanical spring-action operation that allows easy release of dough, cupcake batter or ice cream.
Products 1 - 15 of 15