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Non stick bakeware from our Cake Boss Professional Bakeware line is built to deliver long-lasting commercial-quality use to any home kitchen. These Cake Boss cake pans are built from heavy-duty folded aluminized steel with cooking surfaces designed in a quilted pattern to help foods bake evenly and to reduce surface abrasion. Our round cake pans, heart shaped cake pans and rectangular 13 x 9 inch pans feature nonstick coating to help baked treats release with ease. These and our square cake pans make baking a festive themed cake for a special friend's birthday, baby shower or other celebration fun and easy.

Cake Boss non stick bakeware makes kitchen cleanup quick and simple after the baking is done. Use these Cake Boss cake pans that are designed for exceptional release of baked treats to make beautiful desserts.

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Cake Boss non stick bakeware pans make great additions to any bakeware collection, whether stocking a kitchen for the first time or upgrading an existing inventory.

Add Cake Boss non stick bakeware cake pan sets to any kitchenware collection to help turn any kitchen into a home bakery. Cake Boss cake pans make it easy to create decadent chocolate mousse, delicious apple spice and classic white cakes for festive holiday parties or special celebrations. Reach for two round cake pans when baking an eye-catching layer cake that will take center stage at any party, no matter the occasion or theme. Combine square cake pans with round or heart shaped cake pans to create individually designed luscious treats.

Professional quality non stick bakeware from Cake Boss Bakeware built from heavy-duty folded aluminum steel is designed to promote exceptional heat distribution so cakes bake and brown evenly. These Cake Boss cake pans feature rolled, wire reinforced rims for added durability. Our round cake pans are designed to resist warping for added confidence when pulling hot pans out of the oven. Nonstick square cake pans, 13 x 9 inch pans and 8 inch cake pans release foods with ease to make decorating easier for a great presentation of luscious home-baked desserts.
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