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A chef's torch from Cake Boss standing on it's own perch on the countertop makes a statement that delicious desserts are on the menu. Cake Boss Prep Accessories, including these culinary torches, help turn any kitchen into a well-stocked, top-notch home bakery. Fire up our kitchen torches when completing a delicious sugar topping on a sponge cake to turn a classic cake into a special event. Add these food prep tools to any bakeware collection and get baking like the Boss!

Look for a chef's torch from Cake Boss that features a convenient fuel level indicator so it's easy to know when it's time to refill the butane. Cake Boss Prep Accessories, like these culinary torches that include convenient countertop stands, make it easy to create a home bakery in any kitchen.

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A chef's torch is an ideal finishing touch to complete any collection of top quality Cake Boss kitchen cooking tools.

Use a Cake Boss chef's torch to give a professional finish to rich and luscious desserts and impress friends and family with amazing treats, just like the Boss! Culinary torches from our Cake Boss Prep Accessories line are the go-to kitchen cooking tools needed to caramelize that last decadent topping of sugar on creme brulee. Reach for our kitchen torches when browning meringues or to lightly toast marshmallow frosting on chocolate cupcakes. These food prep tools are must-have additions to any fully-equiped home bakery.

Our Cake Boss chef's torch is designed with a die-cast aluminum body to promote long-lasting use. These Cake Boss Prep Accessories feature rubberized handles for added comfort. Use kitchen torches that allow temperatures to be adjusted to fit the job and boast anti-flare flame and safety locks. Reach for these food prep tools that can sit in their own stands on the countertop for easy access when it's time to finish delicious desserts for a fun and professional quality presentation.
Products 1 - 1 of 1