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Wooden recipe boxes from Cake Boss make it easy to keep favorite recipes organized in one convenient place. Combine these Cake Boss Prep Accessories with other Cake Boss products to create a truly individualized retro look to any kitchen. Add a recipe holder box that boasts a frame to hold recipe cards upright and out of the way while baking. Kitchen accessories and supplies, like our recipe card boxes, prep bowls and measuring cups and spoons make it fun to bake sweet treats for family, friends and special occasions.

Enjoy wooden recipe boxes that include pre-printed dividers, a few special Cake Boss recipes and some blank cards to start collecting favorite recipes. These Cake Boss Prep Accessories help keep cherished recipes organized and within easy reach when it's time to bake delicious cakes and other rich treats.

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Cake Boss wooden recipe boxes make wonderful gifts for anyone stocking a kitchen for the first time.

Wooden recipe boxes from Cake Boss are a great way to keep prized recipes, like those for Grandma's family secret apple pie, decadent chocolate cream cheese cake and luscious lemon bars, all in one place. Cake Boss Prep Accessories, like these recipe card boxes and other Cake Boss products, help turn any kitchen into a home bakery. Use our recipe holder box that features a beechwood frame to hold recipe cards on the lid for easy reference when baking anything from rich cheesecake to family-favorite chocolate chip cookies. Add our kitchen accessories and supplies to any bakeware collection to make it fun and easy to create delicious baked treats for family and friends.

Vintage style wooden recipe boxes add a warm and nostalgic touch to any kitchen decor. Cake Boss Prep Accessories recipe card boxes with fun expressions on the front like "My Kitchen, My Rules" let everyone know who is the boss in the kitchen. A recipe holder box from our line of Cake Boss products combined with our other bakeware and baking accessories add a festive retro style to the kitchen. Use our kitchen accessories and supplies for everything from measuring salt and cinnamon to beating a big cake batter.
Products 1 - 1 of 1