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Add utensil crocks from Cake Boss to the countertop to have fun and functional kitchen accessories that help keep the home bakery organized. Try Cake Boss Prep Accessories for everything from mixing bowls and measuring spoons to ceramic kitchen utensil holders. Tool crocks with bold designs and playful messages on the front add a touch of retro-style fun to any kitchen. Utensil holders are more than fun, they are also ideal for keeping all the must-have tools within easy reach when whisking, stirring and serving homemade cakes and other sweet treats.

Countertop utensil crocks are the ideal way to keep all the go-to kitchen accessories in one easy to reach place. Cake Boss Prep Accessories help keep the home bakery organized so that baking is easier and more fun.

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Utensil crocks from Cake Boss make great gifts for anyone who enjoys baking sweet treats for family and friends.

Cake Boss utensil crocks help keep kitchen accessories corralled in one easy-to-reach countertop location to make baking easier. Look for Cake Boss Prep Accessories, like these ceramic kitchen utensil holders, to store all the essential spoons, spatulas and other tools needed when it's time to bake just like the Boss! Countertop tool crocks are ideal for storing the go-to tools like pastry brushes, wooden spoons and whisks. These utensil holders work well with other kitchen accessories in our line of Cake Boss products.

Look for utensil crocks that feature a "My Kitchen, My Rules" messaged on the front in bold retro-hip lettering to show everyone who's the Boss! Add Cake Boss Prep Accessories to have much needed kitchen accessories that make it easy and fun to bake a big batch of rich fudge brownies or a special red velvet layer cake. Handwashing of our tool crocks is recommended. These utensil holders make is simple to rule over any kitchen.
Products 1 - 1 of 1