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Use silicone baking accessories, like our liquid measuring cups and silicone pastry mats, that are designed to provide long-lasting use, even in the busiest kitchen. Cake Boss products make it easy to turn any kitchen into a home bakery. Reach for flexible measuring cups that make it easier to control pouring. Place silicone prep mats on any countertop to control the mess of rolling out doughs and fondants and then toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Dishwasher safe silicone baking accessories from Cake Boss make cleanup fast and simple. Cake Boss products are designed to make baking easier from start to finish so it's like having the Boss right in the kitchen!

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Cake Boss silicone baking accessories add convenience to the kitchen to make baking like the Boss easier and more fun.

Silicone baking accessories from Cake Boss make it easy to make delicious red velvet cakes for special birthdays or eye-catching white tiered layer cakes for a wedding shower or anniversary. Professional quality Cake Boss products, like our liquid measuring cups, make it simple to pour out just the right amount of lemon juice for lemon pie bars, or milk, cream or water for other baked treats. These measuring cups in sets of three provide the right sized cup for the baking task. Use silicone prep mats to roll out a pie dough or sweet fondant to decorate cakes for special occasions.

Durable silicone baking accessories like our silicone pastry mats feature guides so rolling out the dough to the right size for a sweet and aromatic apple pie is made simple. These Cake Boss products make it fun to create baked treats for a friend's potluck or special family celebration. Try measuring cups in sets that stack for space-saving storage. Silicone prep mats feature both inch and centimeter ruled guides for added convenience when working with dough or fondant.
Products 1 - 2 of 2