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Use cake decorating kits from Cake Boss for crafting birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, holiday desserts and other special occasion treats. Edible cake decorations are a breeze to make using our fun assortment of fondant plunge cutters - stack, line up or overlap shapes for a custom creation. Cake Boss cake kits also come with professional relief mats, so bakers can imprint a fun design over an entire sheet of fondant, adding texture and interest to the cake. Birthday cake kits come in many styles, from floral cakes to sport-inspired motifs, find a theme to match so many popular occasions.

Cake decorating kits with an exciting mix of fondant cutters and piping tips are the perfect solution for busy bakers. Make edible cake decorations without the hassle of searching for just the right shapes - Cake Boss takes the guesswork out of crafting fun and beautiful cakes.

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Cake decorating kits from Cake Boss are a great investment in time and convenience, providing everything needed to make edible cake decorations that will delight guests.

Flower cake decorating kits from Cake Boss feature daisy cutters, leaf cutters and practical piping tips to create a warm and inviting floral display. Making edible cake decorations couldn't be easier with our professional plunge cutters that create charming fondant flowers, circus animals, sports paraphernalia and baby gear ideal for adorning home-baked creations. Cake Boss cake kits are designed for people who enjoy investing their creativity - and a whole lot of love - in their baked goods. Birthday cake kits include all the necessary decorating supplies to make a meaningful and memorable creation.

Our cake decorating kits feature some of the most popular bakeshop themes, from baby showers and sports inspired cakes to abundant floral displays made completely of fondant. Edible cake decorations are a breeze to make and are a charming topper for bake sale cupcakes or wedding shower cakelettes - simply cut out the shapes and let them dry before placing them atop individual treats. For boys, try Cake Boss cake kits with football and baseball plunge cutters, our circus cake kit or an adorable baby shower kit that can be customized to reflect the baby's gender. Birthday cake kits can also be customized to the individual, no matter what his or her personality.
Products 1 - 6 of 6