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Cake Boss stainless steel utensils look great standing in countertop utensil crocks where they are within easy reach whenever needed to make baking easier. Use Cake Boss Prep Accessories like our cooking utensil sets and cookie dough scoops that feature durable stainless steel heads. Reach for these cookie scoop sets that boast soft-grip pads on the handles to make it simple to squeeze the levers to release the dough in portioned and uniformly sized balls. Cookie dough scoops are wonderful additions to any kitchen that make it easy to get busy baking like the Boss!

Stainless steel utensils in sets make it simple to add stylish must-have kitchen tools needed when mixing or serving fresh baked lemon bars, oatmeal raisin cookies or luscious layer cakes. Use Cake Boss Prep Accessories when it's time for the annual bake sale or to treat friends to delicious sweet treats.

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Stainless steel utensils from Cake Boss make wonderful additions to any kitchen being stocked for the first time or to upgrade an existing collection of cooking utensil sets.

Add Cake Boss stainless steel utensils in sets of five to have all the essential tools on hand for everything from beating a batter to serving a rich red velvet cake. Select Cake Boss Prep Accessories, like cooking utensil sets that include slotted and solid spoons, slotted turners, cake servers and spatulas. Reach for cookie scoop sets that make it easy to bake uniformly sized blueberry, cinnamon spice or peanut butter cookies to provide a great presentation. Mechanical cookie dough scoops work with a simple squeeze of the handle, when the spring action operation of the curved lever inside releases doughs or mini-scoops of ice cream.

Reach for stainless steel utensils from Cake Boss that feature soft-grip rubberized handles for added comfort when mixing a rich carrot cake batter and added confidence when serving slices of decadent three-layer chocolate fudge cake. Cake Boss Prep Accessories are designed with an eye toward heritage bakeries to make baking more fun. Dishwasher safe cookie scoop sets make cleaning up after a baking party with friends fast and easy. Cookie dough scoops are great additions to any kitchen where home-baked cookies never go out of style.
Products 1 - 2 of 2