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Use our professional cake decorating kits for creating baby shower-worthy cupcakes, cookies and cakes featuring adorable baby blocks, booties, bibs and more. Cake Boss cake kits help bakers craft beautiful baby themed cakes by assembling all of the essential decorating tools in one convenient kit. Baby shower cake kits include six plastic fondant relief mats to imprint bib and onesie patterns on rolled fondant, stainless steel fondant cutters in adorable shapes and a fondant ribbon cutter to adorn the cake with bows. Our birthday cake kits are just as fun and come in a variety of themes to delight any birthday boy or girl.

Busy bakers appreciate professional cake decorating kits from Cake Boss, complete with a fun assortment of tools for creating edible cake decorations in a variety of themes. With Cake Boss cake kits, the inspiration is included.

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Our professional cake decorating kits with fun fondant cutters and imprints take home-baked cakes to the next level.

Professional cake decorating kits from Cake Boss are ideal for home bakers who appreciate the convenience and inspiration that come from our clever assortment of decorating tools. Cake Boss cake kits get bakers out of the craft store and into the kitchen fast with by providing everything needed to make edible cake decorations, from fondant cutouts to piping tools. Choose our baby shower cake kits or one of our other charming themes to execute a totally customized crowd-pleasing dessert. Birthday cake kits are chock full of popular cutters and tools bakers will use over and over again.

Our professional cake decorating kits offer the basics - cutters and tools in popular shapes and designs - but it's up to the bakers themselves to come up with a unique color palette and design for a one-of-a-kind cake. With Cake Boss cake kits no two cakes look alike, as they are a personal expression of each and every home baker. Use our baby shower cake kits to cut out adorable cupcake toppers or edible place cards. Birthday cake kits will inspire desserts as unique as the guest of honor.
Products 1 - 6 of 6