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Cake Boss bakeware sets are a great gift for both beginner and experienced bakers who want to bring home the inspiring, high-performance baking tools inspired by the Boss himself. Cake Boss bakeware sets are designed with superior non stick surfaces, so tender cakes, cookies and breads release from pans with ease. Use our cake pan sets to bake a traditional layer cake with lemon buttercream frosting or multi-tiered creations layered with rich chocolate ganache. With our baking pan sets, imaginations can run wild.

Our durable bakeware sets embody generations of baking expertise. With Cake Boss bakeware sets, it's easier than ever to carry on the time-honored tradition of baking something special for the people we love.

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Our bakeware sets come in so many practical configurations, it's easy to add more essential pieces to an existing bakeware collection.

Cake Boss bakeware sets are designed for bakers of all interests and abilities who appreciate the necessity and convenience of high-performance bakeware. Cake Boss bakeware sets offer an essential assortment of non stick bakeware that features exceptional food release for beautiful presentation and easy cleanup. Our cake pan sets come with traditional 2-layer configurations or choose sets to create 3-tiered cakes. We offer baking pan sets with muffin tins, loaf pans or sheet cake pans.

With multi-piece bakeware sets from Cake Boss, bakers are limited only by their imaginations. We carry Cake Boss bakeware sets that provide the necessary cake baking pans needed to execute any creative vision, from three-dimensional cake sculptures to luscious layer cakes. Choose cake pan sets with loaf pans and bake a nutty banana bread or mouthwatering cinnamon babka. Let our baking pan sets inspire a festive and colorful Italian Easter bread, creamy tiramisu or tender and flavorful rum cake.
Products 1 - 3 of 3