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First-time bakes will appreciate Cake Boss cake kits for their imaginative selection of easy-to-use tools designed to make cake decorating a breeze. Edible cake decorations are now within reach using the Boss's creative stainless steel fondant plunge cutters in an assortment of fun shapes and sizes. Make pretty floral cake decorations for a lovely Mother's Day cake or to perch atop springtime cupcakes. Our cake decorating kits take the drama out of creating professional looking decorations for any baking project.

Cake Boss cake kits are based on the Boss's rich family heritage and generations of baking expertise; that's why they include many products found in today's bakeries. From edible cake decorations to piped borders, it's easier than ever to create a homemade masterpiece just like the Boss.

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Cake Boss cake kits make it easy to add personality and creativity to the simplest sweet creations.

With Cake Boss cake kits, create the greatest and most delicious show on earth by designing fun circus themed cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, fundraisers or other special occasions. Make edible cake decorations in the shape of lions, seals, elephants, circus tents, stars and diamonds. For floral cake decorations try the Boss's flower cake kit, complete with gerbera daisy fondant cutters and piping tools for making a lush floral display. Cake Boss cake decorating kits come in so many popular designs that can be customized for virtually any special occasion.

Cake Boss cake kits take the guesswork out of assembling the right tools for a cake decorating project. For edible cake decorations, these charming kits include stainless steel fondant plunge cutters in a variety of fun shapes and sizes, from sports inspired cutouts to adorable baby images, including bibs, bottles and onesies. Cut out individual floral cake decorations and use the kits' professional relief mats to create a subtle design that covers the entire cake. With Cake Boss cake decorating kits, it's easier than ever to decorate like the pros.
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