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  • Coconut Cream Cupcakes Cake Boss Baking recipe

    Coconut Cream Cupcakes

    Coconut cream pie gets a sweet upgrade with fun and delicious coconut cream cupcakes! Topped with fluffy whipped frosting, chocolate candy eggs and loads of sprinkles, these cupcakes are as delicious to look at as they are to eat!
  • Apple Pie Cupcakes

    Apple Pie Cupcakes

    Everyone’s favorite pie gets transformed into the treat of the season with apple pie cupcakes. Cinnamon-infused cupcakes topped with spiced buttercream, caramelized apples and pie crust leaves are as delicious to look at as they are to eat!
  • IMG_7098

    Lemon Meringue Angel Food Cupcakes

    Light and lemony, these Lemon Meringue Angel Food Cupcakes combine two spring desserts to make one delightful treat.
  • Vanilla Three Layer Cake Cranberry Orange

    Vanilla Triple Layer Cake with Ermine Frosting

    This stunning holiday cake is a fun weekend project. Each component can be made separately and refrigerated ahead of time, which makes assembling the cake fairly easy. The ermine frosting is an old fashioned cooked flour frosting which is a soft mellow frosting that complements the tart cranberry filling.
  • Strawberry-Cake-1

    Strawberry Cake

    This strawberry cake is not made with Jell-o or food coloring so don’t be surprised when it comes out of the oven and is not bright pink. This cake still packs a mean strawberry kick. The top of the cake does not dome and the crumb is very tender due to the amount of fruit preserve and fresh fruit. Add a layer of jam between layers or in the center of the cupcake and top with a delicious whipped cream frosting to really capture the lightness of the crumb.
  • Lemon-Cake

    Lemon Cake

    Lemon cake is the perfect cake to serve when sipping a cup of tea. The crumb on the cake is almost as dense as a pound cake but light and airy like a sponge cake. It’s easy to make and can be served as a layer cake or baked in a loaf pan and drizzled with a powdered sugar glaze.
  • Classic White Cake - 2

    Classic White Cake

    This classic white cake is has a moist, tender crumb that makes this perfect for any special occasion cake or cupcakes. The great thing about this classic white cake is that it’s versatile enough to use with a variety of different fillings and frostings. The possibilities are endless!
  • White-Chocolate-Mousse

    White Chocolate Raspberry Charlotte

    Charlottes make for a very sophisticated dessert presentation. This recipe is no exception with its raspberry swirled vanilla sponge cake dome, filled with velvety white chocolate mousse. However, don’t let appearances fool you - the preparation is surprisingly easy. This cake is best made the day before serving so you can cross it off of your to-do list the day of your event.
  • Chocolate-Mocha-Buche-de-Noel

    Chocolate Mocha Buche de Noel

    A Buche de Noel or Yule Log cake is a fun and festive holiday tradition. The cake starts as a rolled mousse cake. Then with some clever cutting and decorating, it’s transformed into a log. Typically they are decorated with mushroom shaped meringues. We've used store bought marshmallows to create a similar effect in a fraction of the time.
  • Summer Berry Trifle

    Summer Berry Trifle

    In a hurry? You can make this with store-bought pound cake (or angel food cake, which is lower in calories) and get this gorgeous dessert ready in about 20 minutes.

1 - 10 of 10 Results