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  • Cookies 4 Ways Cake Boss Baking

    Holiday Cookies – 4 Ways

    Get a head start on holiday baking with four festive cookies all from one cookie dough! Traditional shortbread cookies are transformed into vanilla cut-outs, jam-filled thumbprints, cappuccino sandwiches and confetti slice-and-bakes, all dolled-up for your holiday celebrations!
  • Chocolate Mint Pudding Cookies

    Chocolate Mint Pudding Cookies

    Holiday cheer... in a cookie! Share these moist and festive cookies with friends and famiglia.
  • Spider Cookies Halloween Recipe

    Halloween Spider Peanut Butter Cookies

    Classic peanut butter cookies get a whole new look for Halloween! These cuter-than-cute spooky spider cookies are a treat the whole family will love to make and eat!
  • Cake Boss Heart Cookies - Valentines Day

    Heart Funfetti Cookie Cake Bars

    Love is in the baking with these delightfully chewy, sprinkle filled sugar cookie cake bars topped with fluffy buttercream; show your love for your friends and famiglia with these easy, customizable, heart shaped treats.
  • Savory Olive Oil Biscotti - Cake Boss

    Savory Olive and Rosemary Brown Butter Biscotti

    Traditionally biscotti are Italian semi-sweet cookies that are served with coffee or tea. There’s no reason these twice-baked treats can’t also be savory! These olive and rosemary biscotti are perfect for an easy make-ahead appetizer for a dinner party or buffet.
  • Apricot Rugelach

    Apricot Rugelach

    The dough for this traditional Jewish cookie or pastry (it fits the bill as both) is rich and soft and must be made a day ahead and refrigerated before rolling out. We’ve filled these with apricot jam—but seedless raspberry, peach, strawberry and currant jellies are also wonderful. Rugelach freezes well and thaws quickly, which means it is well worth keeping on hand. But be warned: it is best to hide them in the back of the freezer, lest they disappear.
  • CB_4839_Chocolate_Meringues_Glam_TIF

    Chocolate Meringue Cookies

    These chocolate meringue cookies are a show stopper. Arrive at any party with these in hand and you are sure to be the favorite guest at the soiree. The cookies are crispy on the outside, slightly chewy in the center and filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache. They are decadent yet light on the palate.
  • Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

    Chocolate Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

    Classic turtles are taken up a notch when turned into the ultimate holiday cookie! Chocolate thumbprints coated in pecans and filled with homemade caramel are sure to become a new tradition.
  • Thankful Heart Cookies 01

    “Thankful” Apple Cider Cookies with Brown Sugar-Salted Caramel Frosting

    There's so much to be thankful for, including these soft sugar cookies, sweetened with apple cider. The delightful hint of apple carries over to the brown sugar salted caramel frosting - also flavored with a splash of cider!
  • CB_4839_Fall_Meringues_Glam_TIF

    Orange and Chocolate Meringue

    Orange is such a versatile flavor. Sandwich these orange meringue cookies with chocolate ganache for a fall cookie to add to your Thanksgiving table. Ganache is a staple in every Pastry Chefs kitchen! These cookies are the perfect sweet all year-round!
  • Orange Meringue

    Orange Meringue Cookies

    Orange is such a versatile flavor. Sandwich these orange meringue cookies with white chocolate ganache to keep it light and refreshing or fill with dark chocolate ganache for a fall cookie to add to your Thanksgiving table. These cookies are the perfect sweet all year-round!
  • CB_4839_Lemon_Meringues_Glam_TIF

    Lemon Meringue Cookies

    If you love lemon meringue pie you will love these cookies. These tangy lemon cookies will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. The perfect warm weather treat.

1 - 12 of 43 Results