Fondant Basics Part 1: Storing and Prepping

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss™ television show, shares tips and secrets to working with fondant like how to store and get fondant ready for use… it’s so easy!

24 thoughts on “Fondant Basics Part 1: Storing and Prepping

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  2. I recently purchased some of the Cake Boss Fabulous Fondant and I am sad to say how disappointed I was. I expected a product that would outshine other brands much like your cakes do as compared to others. I sincerely hope the product line gets better over time.

  3. I recently purchased the fondant as well. It was terrible, the taste and to work with. My 4 year old actually spit out the chocolate. I also expected for 12.99 a box it would be better. Sorry either I will make my own or use the duff line.

  4. Marshmallow fondant, 1 pound mini marshmallows, 2 pounds powder sugar

  5. The absolute worst fondant I have ever worked with. As soon as I started kneading it, I had to pick out hardened chunks. When I laid it on my cake it immediately started cracking before I could start trimming. The shapes I cut out dried out and cracked as I put them on the cake. I wish I had never bought this and will have a hard time trusting sny other ptoducts from this bakery.

  6. I
    Love working with marshmellow fondant. The only question I have is what is the earliest u can cover a cake with the fondant? Could it b a week before u are ready to serve it or a few days. Hope to hear an answer soon.

  7. Worst fondant to work with ever! I usually buy the Duff line which I love but they stopped carrying it where I go. Will never buy this line again! It also smells like playdo!

  8. I am not sure this is food. It smells like playdough and tastes horrible. We had to throw it out and make our own. Can't believe this guy would put his name on it and stay in business. This is the second time we were disappointed with his product. My local store stopped selling Wiltons awesome product to sell buddy's line.

  9. This fondant is NOT food. It tastes like plastic, smells like playdough and it's unmanageable. I worked with it for 2 hrs and it was dry and cracked when I rolled it. I only bought it for the color. I'm going back to making my own fondant. I lost a lot of respect for you cake boss

  10. Hey Buddy you might want to do a little personal QC on the company/companies making your fabulous fondant. Wife tried it first, didn't like it. I smelled it, and it smelled like play doh. I finally brought myself to taste it, and it tasted like play doh as well (texture was similar too). I did detect some sweetness, but it was on/off at best.

  11. I just bought some of this fondant it was TERRIBLE. It was as hard as a rock. I kneaded it and tried rolling it and it completely fell apart. Would NOT work. Extremely mad and disappointed that buddy is advertising absolute garbage.

  12. This is terrible. It was hard as a rock and even trying to soften it it just crumbled and I couldn't get all the hard chunks out. Sooo hard to use and work with

  13. yes, i make marshmellow fondant all the time and i wrap it up with plastic wrap a couple of time and once secured i place that in an air type container, I do not store mine in the refrigerator and keep in the cabinet and it would keep at least two months and mine does very well and taste just as good requires some kneading when you open. Some time just place shorting on your hands and kneading area…

  14. Same experience as below, hard to work with, dry, cracking and hard chunks. Very slightly better after adding some water, at least we got it rolled out, but very difficult to drape, kept cracking and was not smooth at all.

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