Fondant Basics Part 3: Draping a Cake

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss™ television show, shares tips and secrets to working with fondant like how to drape a dirty iced cake… it’s so easy!

9 thoughts on “Fondant Basics Part 3: Draping a Cake

  1. You did a way better job at teaching this then my teacher back when I toke cake decorating school with Wiltons (school I toke while I was in the Navy courtesy of the navy food management team)

  2. This fondant feels and tastes like the one I make on my own…yum! But I had issues with "elephant skin", which I also have with my own because I live in an area with really low humidity, will try adding shortening next time. My only real issue is that I was not able to "flare it out" for my flowers with my ball tool, it just flattened and spread, but I could not achieve that nice delicate flower edge. Otherwise, great product! Way better that the "W" brand.

  3. I am making a baby blanket for a 21st cake for a friend how do I stop the fondant from cracling and drying out as due to my wrk hour that week I will have to make it several days ahead of time I would really appreciate your help thank you Jan from New Zealand

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