Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss™ television show, shares features and benefits of the Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter.

9 thoughts on “Cake Boss Fondant Ribbon Cutter

  1. tu trabajo me parece genial,me gusta hacer tortas,no estudie nada, aprendi mirando programas y ahora veo el me dedico profesionalmente pro deves en cuando hago para venderlas. la mayoría son con diseños. te felicito haces una obra de arte. soy de argentina y veo siempre tus programas

  2. I have an order for a buttercream wedding cake with a basic ribbon on each square layer. I am old school- never used fondant before. The wedding is out of state. Is there a way to precut the fondant so I don't have to take all the stuff? Also can a pasta machine be used to roll it out or should I sick with the plastic rolling pin?

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