Frost This! Whip Cream Basics featuring Cake Boss

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss™ television show, shares some tips on Whip Cream frosting… yum.

8 thoughts on “Frost This! Whip Cream Basics featuring Cake Boss

  1. Great information. I'm wanting to decorate cakes, but learning the frosting is what's holding me back…starting-off with whipped cream frosting, then working-up to Buttercream is the best tip I've received yet! **I'm glad I found your website & these videos (and everything else!) !! Thanks Buddy!! :) **

  2. How do you keep those fresh strawberries from bleeding all over the frosting?

  3. Add a glaze. Use lemon juice, lime juice, and a little sugar. Melt it in a pan and lightly apply it to the fruit. It'll stop the bleeding AND make the fruit last longer

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